Quarantine/Pandemic Prayers & Liturgies



A Prayer for the Ones Ailing and Dying Alone

A Prayer for the Really, Really Bad Days

A Prayer for Doctors, Nurses, and All Medical Professionals

A Prayer for Cabin Fever

A Prayer at the End of a Quarantined Day

A Prayer for Sad Days of the Pandemic



Living as the Vine and Branches in the Era of COVID-19: A Worship Liturgy

Easter 5A in Quarantine: Refuge in God

Good Shepherd Sunday in Quarantine – Easter 4A

Easter 3A in Quarantine: God Sightings

Easter 2A in Quarantine: Peace Be With You

A Maundy Thursday Communion Liturgy in Times of Quarantine
(Can be used on other Communion Sundays)

A Shelter-in-Place Palm Sunday Liturgy

Quarantine Worship – Lent 5 and John 11


Other writings

Coronavirus is in the Body of Christ

Mental Health Litany of Wholeness