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Service of Communion

Christ gave us the mandate to love one another.
Christ gave us the peace that we will never be left alone.
Christ gave us the picture that we are connected as vine and branches.
Christ gave us the assurance that no one will take away our joy.

God is with you!
God is with us all!
Open wide our hearts.
We open them to new possibilities.
From our dining room tables to our home offices.
this is the time to give God our thanks and praise.

Our homes may be filled with young voices,
or our homes may be filled with overwhelming silence.
This table might be brimming with family,
or we may be sitting by ourselves at the empty table.
But the table is never truly empty.  The silence will not be the last sound you hear.

Jesus the Christ has created a realm of love for each of us-
one in which we will be reunited with loved ones,
one in which we are assured of God’s comfort.

It was a night filled with teachings and memories.
Undoubtedly, tears were shed and laughs raised.
This was the night before Jesus died.

Jesus took bread. 
As he blessed it and broke it,
he said to his friends
Whenever you eat this bread, eat in remembrance of me.

Later, Jesus blessed a cup filled with fruit of the vine.
Friends, this is the new covenant. Drink this to remember me. Drink to remember our time together.

Spirit of God, surround the bread.  Surround the cup.
Surround the elements – no matter what form they take.
Surround us – no matter where we are.
Bless us in our eating and drinking.
Bless our connection – near and far.

Even with physical distance between each one of us, our covenant with God will keep us together. Amen.