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Entry Into Worship
What is abundant life
And where do we see it in our homes?
How can we see bounty in the wilderness,
As boundaries restrict us from living our “fullest” life
Do we perceive God’s generosity?
On what in our lives is God’s light shining?  To what type of service is God calling us next?
May worship be a tool of discernment, a flashlight in the shadows, and a celebration of God’s generosity of Spirit.

Holy Shepherd, Divine Leader, we look towards you in this time of quarantine.  From nights in isolation to our days of fog and bewilderment, we search for your healing presence.  We seek your wisdom and guidance in the coming weeks as we look towards the future.  May your Spirit of Hope permeate our souls as we wander in the shadow-filled valleys.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation
Loving God, Divine Shepherd, we listen for your voice, but get drawn by some distracting voices squawking nonsense.  We allow these loud voices to lead us instead of your wisdom.  May we focus on and enact your intentions for our world, our country, our communities, our church, and our own lives.  May your steadfast love and mercy call us on healthy paths which cares for all of of your children.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace
The gift of God is grace which pours over us and leads us to still waters.  May we embrace second chances in God’s mercy which will accompany us throughout our entire lives.  Amen.

Reflection on Giving
The Good Shepherd, our God, requests that we learn from Jesus the Christ’s example.  Through Jesus, we see the ways we are to serve one another.  Through Jesus, we see the leader who is willing to ensure that all neighbors live the abundant life.  What can we sacrifice to ensure our neighbors’ needs are met?  What can we give to ensure that our congregation is able to fulfill its mission and share the good news during this pandemic?  This is our opportunity to see where God is calling us to share our treasures, time, and talents.

In a spirit of gratitude for the gifts that God gives to us, we pray together,

Divine Shepherd, your presence is the rod and staff which brings us peace.  We know we are called to follow your lead.  Open our souls ready to live into a spirit of abundance instead of a mindset of scarcity.  Open our hearts to your flock – your children across our communities and world who are struggling.  Open our minds to the possibilities of how we can share our gifts during this challenging time.  May we continue to focus on your voice as we discern what is next for us.  Amen.

As we leave our time together today-
May God find you pillows of comfort on which you will rest your head.
May God lead you to places and in ways that will keep you healthy and safe.
May God restore your souls during the long days and nights of quarantine.
We will not fear, for you are with us God. 
You will follow us to the ends of the earth and remain with us in our homes.
Your goodness, mercy, and steadfast love will accompany us,
And we will dwell in your loving embrace our whole life long.

(c) 2020 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.  Permission to use with attribution.