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Holy Winds of Healing-

As you encircle us with your love, surround us with healing energies. Your voice perpetually calls our bodies, our minds, our souls to wellness and wholeness.

For the doctors who examine us, diagnose us, and treat us, we give much gratitude. Gift them with clear minds and overflowing wisdom. May they embrace the continuous unfolding of medical knowledge. May surgeons hands be steady, and may they look towards your healing spirit as they listen for you calling.

For the nurses who journey with us as we continue the healing process, we speak our thanks. May they find fulfillment in their vocations. Point them to your presence as they work towards the health of their patients.

We ask for blessings upon all of those who work in doctor’s offices, on surgical floors, and in hospital rooms. Help them experience patience in their trying moments, and may they see the positive impact they make.

May all medical professionals speak words of love and embrace grace as they work to bring your healing to an injured world.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careers. The list was determined by St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL.