Following me around the web…

My Huffington Post bio page and links to articles I’ve written:

Here are a few of my articles on the RevGalBlogPals blog:

My posts on the UCC’s blog New Sacred:

My blog posts on the SONKA UCC association page:

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3 thoughts on “Following me around the web…”

  1. The Rev. Dr. Lloyd B. Dunavant said:

    Thank you! From Rev. Dr. Lloyd B. Dunavant associated with Norwood Presbyterian Church, where Dr. Patricia Brown is pastor.

  2. Sonja Dixon said:

    I read your post in the book Women in th e Pulpit.
    I am interested in your Instagram photos of seeing God in the everyday
    . Do you have a link to it?

    I am a new pastor in New Zealand.

    Sonja Dixon

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