A Teachers’ Appreciation Day Prayer


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God of Knowledge and Wisdom,

As we are the vine and branches, your voice call us to be the community,
to follow your voice,
to embrace the dreams your Spirit has instilled in our souls.

On this day, as well as each day of the school year,
we celebrate the gifts of our teachers.
You grant them energy to educate,
wisdom to know how to lead ,
and to show students how to be members of their communities.

You grant them patience as they watch their students grow
and help students understand ways to walk on life’s path-
no matter the path they are on.

You grant them the spark of inspiration
as they pass that encouragement and enthusiasm along to students.

You grant them peace as they listen and guide students in their toughest moments
and comfort in lockdowns and other times of anxiety.

We give much thanks for the teachers in our classrooms,
the administrators who guide them,
the support staff who accompany them,
and all who work in schools.

May your peace fill their hearts with joy,
their classrooms with well-being for all,
and the hallways with warmth and kindness.


A Mid-Holy Week Prayer


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God of the Middle of the Story-

Beginnings of tales are very exciting.
Endings are quite often lovely… or at least there’s some closure.
But the middle is where the chaos ensues.

There is sometimes conflict and often disarray in the middle of stories…
And projects…
And, especially, the sacred assignment of Holy Week.

God of all focus and all chaos,
Through the storms of life you create rainbows.
Through the Big Bang, you created the universe.
Through the many docs and tabs open on my computer,
You create a meaningful Holy Week.

So we are in the middle of this story together.
You will bring forth the energy I need,
The fortitude to continue to journey on,
The strength to work one more hour.

As the sun rises on Sunday,
The Holy Week story comes to a conclusion,
And a new chapter begins-
For me,
For us,
For the Christ.


A Palm Sunday Communion Prayer


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Through a season of exile we’ve journeyed together-
In the valleys of the dry bones, parched and looking for water,
In the mountains hoping to hear the voice of God,
In times of tears, drowning in the voice of the tempter-
Grieving for loved ones near and far.

And so we arrive at the gates of Jerusalem.
With palms in hand, we seek the first sight of Jesus on a donkey.
We are ready to proclaim at the top of our voices.

Congregation will say or sing Sanctus.

For it’s this week that Jesus entered into Jerusalem,
Flipping the tables of injustice,
Preaching and teaching for those yearning to hear the message of God.

And then came the night when Jesus was ready to gather with friends,
Celebrate their time together, and mourn what could have been.

While they were eating, Jesus took the loaf of bread,
After blessing and breaking the loaf, he said to his friends:
“Take, eat; this is my body.”

And after supper, he took the cup and gave thanks for the blessings,
He gave it to his followers, saying to them
Drink from it, all of you; for this is my blood, bound in covenant.
Remember me as we drink together.  Remember that God will forgive your sins.

They sang together one more time before Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.

It is at this time that we remember that Christ has died.  Christ is risen.  Christ will come again.

Spirit of God, bless our bread and cup. 
Bless all of us as we reflect together on this holiest of weeks. 
Bless our minds and hearts during our time at the table today
As we seek the grace given to us by you.  Amen.

A Prayer as Holy Week Approaches


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God of Later Lent-

The words fail me as I create liturgy for you,
And my body’s aches distract me from the work that is needed
to complete this season of Lent.

Oh sore throat,
Could you not stay away until Easter arrives
And the massive nap commences?

The sneezes that decorated the air around me this afternoon
Remind me of my finite body,
Of decreasing energy that arrives
With each Ash Wednesday.

For now, I look to you for strength, God.
I look to you for the strength I need,
And the energy that will carry me throughout the weeks.


A Prayer for Over Caffeination


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God of Boundless Energy,

Today, I had too much caffeine.
My heart is fluttering.
I am about to bounce off of the walls.

I overestimated the my body’s response to this morning’s cuppa joe.

God, I appear to be speaking a mile a minute.
As my hands type, they shake.

I confess to allowing my body to be off balance.
The choice I made were not exactly horrible, but slightly unhealthy.

But while I have this extra energy,
May I serve the church and this world more faithfully.
May spend my uber-focus time on what you need
Before this afternoon’s big crash arrives
And I’m left staring at instead of bouncing off of walls.


A Prayer for Freedom to Use My Voice


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Beloved God, Divine Tongue-

As the years pass,
I’ve kept my mouth quite closed.

You have asked me to share the Good News,
And I kept your love to myself.

You have asked me to share your message of justice and equity,
And I worried about what others would think.

You have asked me to be to be the most authentic version of myself,
To share the truest me with the world,
But I kept that self hidden too many times.

It would have been lovely to speak my truth along the way-
To those who downgraded me,
To those who have doubted me,
To those who tried to destroy my soul.

Yet as I learn about my worth,
And continue the journey of healing and growing,
My voice continues to be freed by the constraints of this world.

The song I sing in this new chapter
Reflects a version of myself that has hidden in the depths of my spirit
That once fled to the Sheol of my mind.

And now I stand in the warm sunlight with you, Spirit of Wonder-
On top of the escarpment overlooking the lands I’ve previously walked.
I know what needs to happen now
As I warm my voice at dawn of this brand new day.


A Prayer for Rest


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Holy Deliverer of Downtime,

As the evening takes its place within the skies,
And the winds cool after the sun sleeps for the night,
May I find my rest.

The day has been long.
I often wonder, Holy One,
Why I no longer have the mental energy
To create profound writings
Or even clean the kitchen.

My energy comes from you, God.
But maybe you’re telling me to rest.

So, I pray what is closest to my mind and heart.
The words fail to be painted in a multitude of colors-
Instead appearing in neutrals and grays.

Thank you for this day.
Forgive me for the ways I fell short,
And may I know your grace.
Bless this evening.
Bless the ones I love.
Comfort the hurting.
Bring peace to the ones who struggle.
May each of us know your love and light.
May I rest well tonight.
And may I rise tomorrow feeling your strength.


A Prayer for Times of Twigs and Ashes


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God of the sticks, the dry grounds, the damp tears, and the gritty ashes:
Oh how we yearn for the spring to arrive.
The days of the sweet mild breezes carrying the scents of your creation.
The boldness of the sunrise which will awaken our souls
Instead of the chilly winds swirling below the thick cloud cover.

But for now, God, we sit under the tree full of twigs and surrounded by ashes.
We sit with the grief that comes from unbearable losses.
We settle knowing that today may not go well, that tomorrow is not guaranteed-
Yet hope still illuminates the sky in the distance.

So we live with that hope:
The hope that the phoenix will rise from the ashes
And Christ will rise from the tomb.
We live with the hope that the twigs on the trees
Will bear leaves when the time is right.
We know that after the longest nights of our lives
That the sun will rise again,
And that you, Holy Comforter,
Will follow us to the depths of Sheol if we flee.

Even when hardships encroach our space
And afflictions invade our bodies,
The hope found in the realm of God-
The dirt-filled, ash smeared
Tear-damp realm of God
Is still hope.
This is the hope that drives away despair,
That warms our hearts,
That give us moments of cheer.
And in that we offer God our praise.


A Prayer for Fogginess and Focus


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Divine Dweller in My Heart,

As we abide together in the middle of this week, the grayness has plunged from the skies to accompany me on earth. The fogs from above are wrapping themselves around my tired brain.

Focus! I tell myself again – FOCUS!

And yet, my skull is filled with haziness instead of the concentration that’s much desired.

God, I ask you again to help me focus. And help me stop criticizing myself for fogginess that’s taken over my brain. My body is human, my mind is human. May I realize that my humanity is needed and which you have created to be a superpower.


A Prayer of Gratitude for Nostalgia


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God of Yesterday, Holy Hope for the Future,

Running through my head throughout today is a moment from years ago.
I was young with friends I had left in the past.
The laughter was loud and our smiles were widening across our faces.

As a song from yesterday lifts my spirits-
It’s reached into my soul in a way that I just can’t explain.
But it’s transported my mind back to being a young one again.

These are the moments that are worth more than gold.
But I can’t abide in yesterday-
Otherwise I’m gonna turn into a pillar of salt.

Today I thank you for the flashes from yesteryear,
For the joys of nostalgia, and the stories which I carry.

Help me to savor the joy of memories but to leave them in the past.
Give me the drive to live fully into today’s realm
And to dream about a future with hope.