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Entry into Worship
Peace floats on the breezes
And peace sails on the calm waters.
Peace is heard in the dove’s coos
And in a child’s laughter.
Today, we pray for peace-
A peace which transcends the restlessness in our world,
A peace which fills our souls with hope.

Divine Architect of Peace, the waves of anxiety crash upon us daily.  Will we have enough?  Will we survive? When will “normal” return?  We are riding the swells of the emotional seas.  God of Peace, in this great storm of life, calm the waters.  In the howling wilderness, settle the gusts. For you are our source of peace, our deliverer of serenity.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation
Holy Tranquility, we listen to the news instead of seeking your serenity.  We read article after article instead of meditating upon your presence. Your child spoke “Peace be with you,” and we turned our backs.  Help us to focus on the hope of resurrection and renewal instead of the world’s destructive preoccupations. May we focus our care in ways that are constructive for our neighbors across this community, country, and world during this pandemic and times of isolation.  May we turn our worry into acts of mercy and justice. Encourage us to seek help for overwhelming anxiety so that we can live whole and healthy lives. Amen.

Assurance of Grace
Even when we turn our backs to God’s peace, God continues to send holy calmness in our direction.  May we continue to open our souls to this steadfast peace which already surrounds us. Amen!

Reflection on Giving
In this season of uncertainty, we often want to hide in the caves of scarcity.  Instead, God calls for us to give in a spirit of abundance. Through these gifts, we are able to reach many people outside of the church’s walls.  Through these treasures, our mission continues – even when the world slows down.

With hearts of hope and openness, we pray together…

Divine Tranquility, may we embrace your steadfast peace.  Through your peace, may we confidently give our treasures, talent, and time in order for the work of the church to continue.  Through your peace, may our congregation utilize these gifts wisely to reach a world filled with anxiety and uncertainty and to share your hope and love.  Amen.

As this morning starts a new week, may we embrace the peace of God-
A peace which will carry us through moments of turmoil,
A peace which will connect us with God and neighbor,
A peace which will ask us to be still, and get to know God,
A peace which surpasses our understanding.
May the hope of God, the peace of Christ, and the love of the Spirit
chase away despair and encourage us to embrace divine serenity.

Written by Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.  Feel free to use/adapt this liturgy with attribution.