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God sightings

Entry Into Worship
When the light of today dims into the horizon,
God will accompany us into tomorrow.
As our health wanes and our hope lessens,
God will fill our lives with new possibilities.
As loneliness overtakes our hearts,
God’s embrace will fill us with comfort.
In these long days facing the unknown,
God’s peace will last with us into eternity.

Holy Winds of Hope, as we continue in uncharted territories, may your breezes nudge us to look around us.  As the wilderness surrounds our souls, may we still see your presence in the flowers in front of us, with our kin sheltering with us, and in the star-filled sky above us.  We need not seek far; we can sense you in the voices echoing on phone calls and video chats.  With gratitude, we share our joy that you are near, today and always.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation
God of Steadfast Presence, as we grow to know these shadows next to us, we focus on the lack of light.  We stop seeking the light that comes from you and which brings us peace.  We direct our attention to loud voices of distraction instead of the stillness of you, God.  Our minds are wrapped around news feeds and tomorrow’s concerns.  We focus on everything else and miss the God-sightings in our midst.  Open us to your presence next to us.  Grab our attention so that we sense you in front of us now instead of barely noticing you in our rearview mirror.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace  
We are forgiven for the ways we have missed God next to us.  God understands the mind and heart of humans, and God will appear to us again and again.  Amen!

Reflection on Giving
If we keep searching, keep exploring, we will notice God’s presence near us.  And we will detect the needs of our siblings across our communities as well.  We will discern God’s call of the ways we need to care for this congregation as well as the people outside of the church’s walls.

This has been a time for us to seek God in the wilderness and to listen to the ways that God is asking us to be creative in ministry, communication, and care.  What is God asking us to do next?  In what ways will the gifts we contribute this week further the mission and ministry of our congregation in this time of exile?

We give thanks for God’s calling and for the treasures, time, and talents provided by God.  With gratitude, we pray together:

Divine Presence, in these times of wilderness, you shine your light upon us.  You help us to realize our purpose and give us wisdom on the best ways to utilize our gifts.  Open our souls to possibilities on how we can minister and share your love with our church and community – even when we are miles apart.  Amen.

In the steps we take today, tomorrow, or sometime this week, God of Hope, 
May we see your presence directly in front of us.
May we feel your presence in the winds above us.
May we smell your presence in the flowers around us.
May we taste your presence in the food surrounding us.
May we hear your presence in the laughter which comes from within us.
For you are always a part of our exiles, our promise lands, our dreams, and our eternities.  Amen.

Written by Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.  Feel free to use/adapt this liturgy with attribution.