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God of Great Delights,

On days of bleakness, our eyes focus on the fog surrounding us instead of the warmth from your Spirit nearby.
On days of aches from the chilly climate, we search for relief from the balmy Christ in our midst.

Distractions get the best of us.
Whatever ails our bodies and minds and souls wins our attention.

We attempt to shake off any malaise as we turn onto a new road-
A path in which our senses reach for your presence.

As we see you in the light, notice you in laughter, feel you in the mild temperatures,
We turn our fields of emotions into gardens of appreciation.

In seasons of gratitude, may we express our sentiments freely.
May our hearts open to share words of encouragement and thanksgiving to you, God, and to our neighbors.

Shorten our nighttimes of despair and return the bright daylight of joy to our souls.