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Call to Worship
One: Holy Breath, fill our beings with new energy.
Many: Holy Breath, fill our lungs with calming air.
One: Holy Winds, encircle us with your stirring breezes.
Many: Holy Winds, encircle our minds with dreams and visions.
One: Holy Gales, set us on a path of strangeness and surprises.
Many: Holy Gales, fill our souls with courage and our hearts with joy.

Spirit of God, Divine Gust,

The mystery of your being swirls around us as you inspire us to co-create with you.  As we reach to God, your great exhale nudges us closer to our Divine Parent.  As we seek to share our stories, you place the images and words into our minds.  Through your presence and power, we are inspired to joyously share the adventures of our faith with and in you.  Holy Gale of God, encircle us with your realm here on earth.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation and Reflection
Spirit of Warmth and Wonder,

The chills of this world paralyze our anxious hearts.  We become stagnant when listening to the discord from other voices instead of listening to your harmonies.  We shun your visions and dreams because we stop believing the future is possible.  We feel as if all life is being drained from us, that we are simply dry bones.  May your winds awaken us.  May your breath enliven us.  May we see new life as we inhale your breath.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace
Our God, the flicker of new life in our world, ignites our hearts to share love with our neighbors.  God’s Spirit will help us to understand Divine Grace in our lives, understanding that second chances and hope are the path to unimagined possibilities.  Amen.

Invitation to Giving
The Spirit’s winds are always nudging us to new ways of giving.  Could this be through our time?  Could the Spirit be emboldening us to give from different talents?  In what ways are we called to give of our treasures today?  As we reflect on the ways we share, we come together to offer God our praise through our gifts.

Blessing of the Gifts
This is the time for us to dream together, Spirit of God.  May we run wild with hope as we embrace our Spirit-infused imaginations.  With joy, we celebrate the offerings contributed this week, this month, and this year as we commit to dream with you, Holy Spirit.  Amen.

May Spirit’s flame warm our chilled hearts.
May the Spirit’s winds encircle our anxious minds.
May the Spirit’s breath enliven our souls.
Through the Spirit’s presence, we embrace the love of God and the hand of neighbor as we dream together.  Amen.

(c) 2022 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Permission to use and stream with attribution.