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Call to Worship (Based on John 1)
One: In the beginning was the Word.
Many: The Word was with God and the Word was God.
One: The Word abided in the beginning with God.
Many: Through the Word, all things came into being.
One: Life and light came into being with the Word.
Many: This Life and Light shone in the shadows.
One: In celebrating the Word, the Christ, we see the Divine Light.
Many: Let us celebrate the Word, the Christ, as we bask in Divine Light.

Illuminating God, Divine Light who entered our world as a human, we celebrate your son, Jesus the Christ.  Through his nurturing presence, our neighbors have seen you clearer. Through Jesus’ radical love, we have learned to boldly care for one another.  Through his death and resurrection, we have seen new life ahead of us.  Stretch our souls as we challenge ourselves to be like Jesus each day.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation and Reflection
Holy God, Harmonizing Healer,

We say we embrace the walk of Jesus, but we trek another way.  We say we live in a world of resurrection, but we shun the possibility of new life.  We close ourselves from the grace that Christ afforded us, and we refuse to share mercy with our neighbors.  Allow the way of Jesus the Christ to be our way.  Create in us the compassion of the Christ as we go about our daily lives.  Amen.

The Great Healer, Jesus the Christ, fills our hearts with hope and love.  May we celebrate Divine Grace on our messy and magnificent journeys, knowing that, through the love, life, and light of Jesus, we see the blessings of God’s mercy.

Reflection on Giving
Like a flame spreading from one candle to the next, we, too, are encouraged to share the Light of Christ with our neighbors and church. Through our gifts of treasures, talents, and time, we follow the footsteps of Jesus the Christ.  May the Light of Christ be experienced by all through the gifts we give throughout this week.

Blessing of the Gifts
Gracious God, Divine Light of the World, with these offerings, may our neighbors experience your love.  With these gifts, may the world know your love and continue to pass your brilliant hope to all.  Amen.

May the Road of Christ welcome your authentic beings.
May the Light of Christ illuminate your journeys.
May the Energy of Christ soothe your pensive minds.
May the Grace of Christ connect you greater with a neighbor.
May the Words of Christ invigorate your hearts.
May the Love of Christ send you into the world to spread Divine Kindness from corner to corner of this world.  Amen.

(c) 2022 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Permission to use and stream with attribution.