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Call to Worship
One: Whether we are rich, middle class or barely getting by-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: Whether we have plenty or in want-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: Whether we are employed, unemployed or retired-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: Whether we give of time, talent or treasure-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: In a spirit of unity, caring for one another-
Many: We are Christ’s church.

Eager and Empowering God, we come to you this morning to reflect our view on what it means to be Christ’s Church. We enter this sanctuary to examine the ways we can create sanctuary for all.  May we see one another through your eyes.  May we see your living presence in our gathering together.  Allow this time not only to be one where we worship you but one where you open us up to new ways of serving. Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation and Reflection
Holy God, Holy Connector, 

Through your Spirit, we find your abundant love.  Through your Church, we recognize the gifts of ourselves and others.  Yet sometimes we want to focus on the weaknesses of our neighbors instead of acknowledging their strengths.  Our relationships crumble when we lack mercy.  Inspire us to encourage our neighbors.  Remind us that our voices of confidence assist our neighbors along their journey, and when one of us is stronger, the Church is stronger.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace
Our Grace-filled God, the One who dwells with us on this journey, is filling our hearts with mercy and our minds with wisdom.  We are called to focus on the grace of our journeys which will strengthen the bonds between us, God, and our neighbors.  Amen.

Reflection on Giving
The Holy Spirit prompts us to be the Church as we move about the earth.  At times, we share our talents, filling the world with our songs and art.  Other moments, we share our time, sitting with a neighbor hurting or using our hands to strengthen our building.  And then there are times when we contribute the gifts of treasures, giving financial offerings for the good of our local church and the entirety of Christ’s Church.  However you give this week, may we grow with God and neighbor.

Blessing of the Gifts
Holy Spirit, Divine Winds of the Church, you gather us together, breathing new life into our souls.  You gather us together, filling our hearts with inspiration and creativity.  You gather us together, focusing our minds on how we can care for one another.  May each of our gifts build the Body of Christ, this congregation, and our community.  Amen.

May the winds of the Spirit carry us to new possibilities, even in the face of anxiety.
May the dust on Christ’s path strengthen our courage when the road seems rough.
May the waters of our God renew us in our times of exhaustion.
Let us Co-Create with one another and God to build the Church of Love here on earth.  Amen.

(c) 2022 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Permission to use and stream with attribution.