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God of Knowledge and Wisdom,

As we are the vine and branches, your voice call us to be the community,
to follow your voice,
to embrace the dreams your Spirit has instilled in our souls.

On this day, as well as each day of the school year,
we celebrate the gifts of our teachers.
You grant them energy to educate,
wisdom to know how to lead ,
and to show students how to be members of their communities.

You grant them patience as they watch their students grow
and help students understand ways to walk on life’s path-
no matter the path they are on.

You grant them the spark of inspiration
as they pass that encouragement and enthusiasm along to students.

You grant them peace as they listen and guide students in their toughest moments
and comfort in lockdowns and other times of anxiety.

We give much thanks for the teachers in our classrooms,
the administrators who guide them,
the support staff who accompany them,
and all who work in schools.

May your peace fill their hearts with joy,
their classrooms with well-being for all,
and the hallways with warmth and kindness.