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God of the Middle of the Story-

Beginnings of tales are very exciting.
Endings are quite often lovely… or at least there’s some closure.
But the middle is where the chaos ensues.

There is sometimes conflict and often disarray in the middle of stories…
And projects…
And, especially, the sacred assignment of Holy Week.

God of all focus and all chaos,
Through the storms of life you create rainbows.
Through the Big Bang, you created the universe.
Through the many docs and tabs open on my computer,
You create a meaningful Holy Week.

So we are in the middle of this story together.
You will bring forth the energy I need,
The fortitude to continue to journey on,
The strength to work one more hour.

As the sun rises on Sunday,
The Holy Week story comes to a conclusion,
And a new chapter begins-
For me,
For us,
For the Christ.