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Divine Love, in this week of contemplation, may we remember the presentation of your love through the Christ.  As we share in the breaking of the bread, may we recall the beautiful unity of Christ’s table.  May the mandate of this day, to love our neighbors as ourselves, be etched into our souls.  Widen our minds to see our neighbors from a new angle.  Widen our hearts to serve as Jesus the Christ once served.  Amen.


The communion liturgy keeps in mind a hybrid approach to worship this year. Some people may be in our presence, and others experiencing worship at home. This was adapted from last year’s “sheltering in place” communion liturgy.

Christ gave us the mandate to love one another.
Christ gave us the peace that we will never be left alone.
Christ gave us the picture that we are connected as vine and branches.
Christ gave us the assurance that no one will take away our joy.

God is with you!
God is with us all!
Open wide our hearts.
We open them to new possibilities.
From here tonight to dining room tables,
this is the time to give God our thanks and praise.

Jesus the Christ has created a realm of love for each of us-
one in which we will be reunited with loved ones,
one full of sacred memories,
one in which we are assured of God’s comfort.

It was a night filled with teachings and memories.
Undoubtedly, tears were shed and laughs raised.
This was the night before Jesus died.
Jesus took bread. 
As he blessed it and broke it,
he said to his friends
Whenever you eat this bread, eat in remembrance of me.

Later, Jesus blessed a cup filled with fruit of the vine.
Friends, this is the new covenant. Drink this to remember me. Drink to remember our time together.

Spirit of God, surround the bread.  Surround the cup.
Surround us – here and elsewhere.
Bless us in our eating and drinking.
Bless our connection – near and far.
No matter if close or distant, our covenant with God will keep us together.

May we spend this time remembering:
The ones who can’t be at the table.
The ones who are no longer at the table. 
And the one Christ who created this sacramental table experience.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Loving God, Great Provider-

After this time together, near and far, we give thanks for the opportunity to commune with the Christ and our neighbor.  May the love that was experienced tonight through bread and cup open our hearts to the beauty, pain, and joy across our world.  May this sacrament move us to offer our neighbors our love.  And may our time at the table remind us of the ones who are forever in our hearts.  Amen.

Blessing of the Gifts and Benediction

As we are not having a “collection” time during our service, our congregants are dropping them in boxes on the way out of the sanctuary, mailing them into church, or giving online. We have combined the two together.

Holy One-Your gifts build a world of love, filled with memories of your presence in our lives.  May we use our gifts to continue to create a world of care, living into your mandate to love one another as you love us. Amen.

We walk into the dusk knowing the journey of Jesus.
May we remember his steps to the cross.
May we embrace his profound love.
And may we share this grace each and everyday, leading our world to resurrection.


(c) Rev. Michelle L. Torigian 2021. Liturgy may be used with attribution.