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CALL TO WORSHIP (Based on Psalm 67)

One: May God bless each one of us.
Many: May God bless our siblings across the world.
One: May God’s face shine upon us.
Many: May God’s face shine upon each of our neighbors of other races and religions.
One: May God’s way be known across this earth.
Many: May all nations experience God’s mercy and love.               
One: Let all nations be glad and sing for joy.
Many: Let all the peoples know you and sing your praises.


God of Steadfast Radiance, as creation took form across the universe, your light bid all living beings a greeting of wellness. Crossing time and space, your illumination has alleviated the pain of shadows. Through your luminosity, we see the value of each of our worldwide siblings.  Continue to shine your light upon this earth so that we see the needs of our neighbors. May your moonglow and sunshine allow us to see your image in your children across our planet.  Amen.


One: In the haste of our days, we rush to meet our needs.  In the process of our living, we occasionally will step in front of people.  On difficult days, we will even spiritually step over or on our neighbors. 

All: Forgive us, Divine Radiance.  May your mercy shine so brightly on our world that we can clearly see our neighbors’ needs. May your glow of kindness remind us to ensure all people have a place in line. May your righteousness move us to safeguard others’ essentials.  Encourage us to step aside to allow our marginalized neighbors to have their greater needs met before ours. Amen.


One: God’s Radiance will shower us with mercy and call us to new paths of care.  May the steadfast love of God give us the courage to create God’s realm here on earth.  Amen! Alleluia!

All: Amen!  Alleluia! Thanks be to God!


One:   The Divine Radiance of God rains upon us.  As we flourish, may we never forget to care for creation, your children, and the church.  We take this time to reflect and to share from our gifts.


Loving God, Divine Gleam, as your light reaches this earth, may this brightness allow us to see the ways we are called to care.  Let our light shine before others so that our world is encouraged to foster your children across this globe. Amen.


One: Beloved Siblings in Christ,

Let us open our windows to the light of God

Let us open our doors to the Christ in our midst,

And let us open our hearts to the Spirit who compels us to share God’s love with our world.

Amen!   Alleluia!

All: Amen!  Alleluia!


(c) Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Free to use with attribution.