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Divine Designer-

Through scientific principles, you created the universe.  Even though science was your joyful process of our universe’s genesis, you also desired to take creation a step further.  Because of your love of humanity, you infused flare into our world.  Because you understood our deep love of art, you added blooming trees in Spring and Autumn’s foliage.

And you gifted our world with us designers to co-create with you.

Through the work of their minds, they gave us creative furniture, innovative room designs, inventive fonts, crisp graphics, and fresh wearable fashions.  Through the work of their hands, they grasped the sheen of their dreams and transformed their visions into tangible blessings.

Thank you for your Spirit who inspires all of our designers.  Through their craft, we see your presence.  Through their creations, we abide in a world filled with all sorts of art.

Continue to inspire them with new ideas so that our evolving world will see your beauty on this earth.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careersThe list was determined by St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL.