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Divine Source of All Resources-

In seasons of financial stability and uncertainty, we pray for our bankers. As they sit behind desks and bullet-proof glass, allow them to feel safe in their places of work.

May they see the ways in which their practices encourage growth in the world. May they embrace justice and righteousness as they assess and calculate. May they feel the nudge from you to make decisions that serve the entire community. May grace light the way in their decision-making and their service-giving.

While we know their decisions must be financially responsible, we pray that they can discover ways in which they can work with our neighbors who are struggling. By co-managing with our bankers, God, encourage them to create systems where people of all means – including those who have financial challenges – can find their own well-being.

With joy, we give thanks for the ways they invest in our communities. No matter the market, allow them to see their purpose and place in our cities.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careers.