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Divine Culinarian who brought forth the Bread of Life and Cup of Salvation,

With gratitude, we celebrate the bakers in our midst. Through the work of their hands, they create edible masterpieces that neighbor can share with neighbor.

Their offerings bring peace to the ones looking for comfort food. Their offerings bring joy to the young people celebrating birthdays and the couples joining their lives together in marriage.

The bread they bake sits on communion tables as your children are reminded to “take and eat.” The pastries created by them will bring people together in our fellowship halls when worship ends.

Bless their hands in the rolling of dough and the ovens as breads rise and bake. Bless the hearts who laugh together in the kitchen as they decorate cookies or finish pies.

Through the work of their hands, we partake in fellowship and see the presence of the Christ in our midst.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careers.