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Call to Worship
One: Here we worship as one Body of Christ
Many: Here we worship as many different parts.
One: We minister as unique beings
Many: And yet, we care because we are in covenant with one another.
One: Connected by the same spirit, we strive to know one another.
Many: Connected as the one Body of Christ, we work to understand each other’s lives.

One: Spirit of Creation, through you our entire universe came into being.  With you, our beautiful, complex bodies developed.  Through you, rich life-giving nutrients travel throughout our circulatory system.  With you, organs work together to present optimal health for humans.

Many: As we reflect on our physical composition, help us to see that each organ and each cell plays an important role in our health.  Direct us to claim that each atom in the Body of Christ has a role in the health of humanity.  Move us to celebrate the diversity of each cell and the connective tissue binding our souls.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation
One: Divine Designer, we often expect uniformity in our faith – even when we are each uniquely created by you, God.  But even in our demand for uniformity, we forget our bonds to all other people and creation here on earth.

All: More often than we think, we neglect the great connection between God, neighbor, creation, and ourselves.  Sweep away our biases, God.  Heal our torn connections.  Inspire us to develop a world filled with healthy joints and synapses which will build relationships and communications.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace
One: God, the Great Healer, will mend our torn souls and wounded hearts.  God will call us to repair ripped connections as God desires for us to be whole.  With gratitude, we seek ways in which we can heal our world.  Amen!

All: Amen!  Thanks be to God!

Prayers written by Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.  Permission given to use these prayers with attribution.