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Call to Worship (Inspired by Psalm 36)
One: In God’s light, we see light.
Many: With God we are drenched in the fountain of light and life.
One: With God, we experience the river of delights
Many: Experiencing the abundance of gifts from the Source of Life.
One: God’s steadfast love extends from coast to coast
Many: And from earth to heaven, returning again.
One: How treasured is the love of God
Many: Seen in the decanting of talents and surplus of gifts.

Invocation (Unison)
Divine Decanter, you pour your spirit into our souls and your love into our hearts.  Like the transformation of water to wine, our simple aptitudes are expanded to strength our world.  In this space today, may we reflect on how to best use our gifts to better your Kin-dom and care for our neighbors.  May we ponder the ways that we can encourage our spiritual siblings to utilize the gifts they carry on their journeys.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation (Unison)
God, we extinguish others’ dreams in our quest to survive.  We dowse their hopes and their courage with discouragement.  Because of our negativity and jealousy, they stop their quest to develop their gifts.  Give us the vision to see that all of us have a place on this earth.  Help us to seek success for all people – not just ourselves.  May we become a team with our spiritual siblings so that we can use our talents to create a light-filled world.  Amen

Assurance of Grace
One: God, our Divine Decanter, is lavishing us with grace and boldness as we head into the future.  Celebrate this abundance by sharing love and light with your neighbors.

Call to Offering
One: We are vessels filled with the Spirit of Gifts.  With the nudging of God and neighbors, we explore the ways that we can utilize our talents and treasures for the health of the Kin-dom of God.   As we gather our offerings today, let us reflect on the ways we can best employ our gifts.

Prayer of Dedication (Unison)
Spirit of Gifts, with gratitude we pour our talents for you.  Stir our souls today.  Move us to courageous ways of giving and encourage us to fill basins of hope for humanity.  Amen.

One: As we head on our journeys this week, Divine Decanter-
Pour your courage into our souls.
Pour your love into our hearts.
Pour your vigor into our minds.
Fill our spiritual vessels to the brim so that we may abundantly lavish life and light into our world.


For conversation:
Who was someone in your life who nudged you to step outside of your comfort zone and try out one of your gifts?


Written by Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.  Permission to use with attribution