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One: As we bask in the steadfast love of God,
Many: Let us share this love with our neighbors.
One: As we stand in the light of God,
Many: Let us embrace this light and shine it everywhere
One: As we grow with the grace of God,
Let us share the Good News of this grace in all times and spaces.

Eternal Source of Light and Love, may we grow with your presence. May we know that with your light we are able to see paths of hope ahead of us. Through your love, we realize that we never travel alone. In this season of wilderness, may the glimmer of your light continue to shine on our road, and may your love warm us in frigid moments. Amen.

God we are addicted to condemnation. Whether it’s criticizing our neighbors for how they look or attacking who they are, we like to categorize them as “other.”  We banish our neighbors to their own exile. During this season of Lent, may we reflect on the ways we condemn others. May we find ways to understand their struggles before judging them. May we build relationships with people who are not like us. We pray this in the name of Jesus the Christ, the one who taught us how to love unconditionally. Amen.

Moment of Silent Reflection

One:    God knows our hearts, and God knows that each day we experience salvation in new ways. Let us not only hear the good news of God’s grace but embrace it and share it with others. Amen!    

All:                  Amen!  Thanks be to God!

One:    Through this season of Lent, we not only grow spiritually as individuals, but we see how God is calling us to grow with our neighbors. In a spirit of unity, let us share our treasures and talents with God, neighbor, community and Church.

Eternal Source of Light and Love, we give thanks for the gifts you bestow upon us. We are grateful that you call us to use these gifts to build a just-filled world. May your spirit embolden us to use these gifts to bring more love into our communities. Amen.