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Dear Students,

Some of you have been told that you will be reprimanded if you walk out in protest over gun safety and legislation. Some of you will still walk out- risking your reputations and your futures in the process.

And for that, I support you.

I support your concern that you do not want to die in a mass shooting.

I support your frustrations that the powers that be are not doing enough to protect your safety.

I support your sadness that has fallen over you as your adult leaders lack support for your voice.

As a faith leader, I have to attest that part of our sacred texts include prophets who spoke out against injustices. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the prophets called out the powers that be for treating their people and the strangers in their land as less than human.

In the New Testament, Jesus turned over tables when seeing injustices in the Temple. He wasn’t afraid to voice what he believed. That Divine Courage is what I hope to grow into as time passes.

Many of you have that same strength for risking everything you have over this issue. I don’t think I even have this much courage most of the time. So I commend you, students in my area. I send you love as you make the decisions. I send prayers of strength as you face the punishment.

You are shining a light that seems to be missing in our world. Please continue.

We will die without it.


As always, my post is my opinion and does not represent any organization with which I am associated.