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No matter your marital status – what are ways you can get unstuck in 2016?

At various points of each of our lives, we find ourselves stuck – in our work lives, romance lives, family lives and any other facet of our lives.

In 2003, I was incredibly stuck in each area of my life.  I recall that I hadn’t dated anyone in years – in fact, I forget how long it had been since I had an actual date.  My weight had skyrocketed, and I didn’t find myself attractive anymore.  Additionally, my professional life had walked backwards a few steps and hadn’t moved forward in a year or two.  I had applied to seminary and wasn’t accepted at my top choice.

At 30 years old, I had found myself spending each Saturday night at a pottery painting place because – who would want to date overweight, underaccomplished Michelle?  At least I was making some fabulous pieces of art…

I suppose the catalyst of change was beginning a weight loss program in 2004.  As I lost 40 pounds, I also began to gain back the confidence I had lost.  The chain reaction of one change led to dating once again and, eventually, finding a more suitable job for me.

Losing weight was not the reason other parts of my life changed.  At this point, I’m in a wonderful relationship even though I weighted as much as I did in 2003.  Confidence comes from within – not our external accomplishments and appearances.  Our assurance and genuine worth stems from the spark of the Divine that resides in each one of us.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of time to find the confidence, inspiration and Spirit once again. And one agent of change – whether small or large – will be the catalyst for our lives to move out from our current mud trap.

Confession: currently, for me, my place of being stuck centers around creativity in my professional and extracurricular life.  I have a terrific life but just feel like my inspiration well is dry.  By continuing to try and believing that the creativity/confidence/etc. already exists within me and that the Holy Spirit is giving me what I need, I know that this time of “stuck” will loosen.

So do you find yourself stuck in one area of your life- whether in your attempts to date, your hopes to find another position or your plans to fulfill a dream?  Have you lost hope?

Just keep going.  We will find our stickiness gone soon.