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I start the year thinking I will start anew, begin a new habit and get this year right.  However, that’s never how it works.

*I never take all of my vitamins each day.

*I never use the face cream I bought.

*I never make one of my bucket list trips I’ve wanted to take year after year (specifically New York City, the United Kingdom, France or Italy).

*I rarely stay on a diet and/or lose a few pounds.

*I rarely go to the gym multiple times per week each week of the year.

*I never read more books, watch less TV, spend less time on social media.

*I rarely go through boxes of old things from 10 years ago and discard items I will never need again.

I highly doubt I will successfully accomplish any of these things in 2015.  I will attempt a few of them – especially the ones that apply to my health.  With that said, I’ve decided on two definite new year’s resolutions:

(1) Do my best.

(2) Give myself grace.

I’ll let you know how that works…