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advent 8 caregiverGod of the weak bodies and tough souls,
Those we love are hurting.
We lift more than our arms can bear.
We feed more than our bowls can hold.

Place the oxygen mask on yourself
Before placing it on the person next to you.

God, I forget this.
I rush to fill my loved one’s lungs and soul with energy
While mine slowly drifts away.

The bags settle under my eyes
After many nights with little sleep.
I forget what a full night’s rest is like.

I’m becoming… impatient…
The worst possible version of myself
(Even as I’m lovingly caring for the one I love).

But I must continue on…
For him… for her…
She needs me… He’s calling.

I’m exhausted, God.

Fill my body with the love
And hope
And spirit
And strength it needs
To carry on, to carry another.