Wednesday Prayer – Searching for Gratitude


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God of Great Delights,

On days of bleakness, our eyes focus on the fog surrounding us instead of the warmth from your Spirit nearby.
On days of aches from the chilly climate, we search for relief from the balmy Christ in our midst.

Distractions get the best of us.
Whatever ails our bodies and minds and souls wins our attention.

We attempt to shake off any malaise as we turn onto a new road-
A path in which our senses reach for your presence.

As we see you in the light, notice you in laughter, feel you in the mild temperatures,
We turn our fields of emotions into gardens of appreciation.

In seasons of gratitude, may we express our sentiments freely.
May our hearts open to share words of encouragement and thanksgiving to you, God, and to our neighbors.

Shorten our nighttimes of despair and return the bright daylight of joy to our souls.


All Souls Day Prayer


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God of the early morning inhales and the deep evening exhales-

We remember the souls who have gone to the other side of heaven- to your realm, where all souls, or saints as we often call them, bask in your light for all eternity. For your grace which welcomed them from near and far, and your mercy that gave them comfort upon their last breaths, we give you thanks.

We remember the souls who are here among us, dining with us at tables, sharing with us their extravagant love, quarreling with us, challenging us. Through Jesus the Christ, we work to forgive them. And while reconciliation may not happen on this side of heaven, we trust in the healing space of eternity to find everlasting peace.

We nod to the souls of the future who abide with and in the Divine energy. Through their time with God, may they carry wisdom and love into this world when their time comes to abide on this side of heaven. May their love radiate beyond the bounds of heaven to shower our earth with light and love.


A Prayer in the Face of Manipulation


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Trigger Warning: emotional/mental abuse

As the tornadic gales of manipulation
Toss and turn my mind one way or another,
Steady God, guide me to smooth ground.

Fill my mind with peaceful pictures
As the winds of confusion swirl around me.

Allow me the time to sort my thoughts.
Escort me away from the gaslights summoning me from another direction.

May my sympathetic soul sort the winds,
as I recognize the breezes of kindness
in the midst of the tempests of feigned emotions.

Holy Spirit, Holy Air,
As I inhale your breath,
May I inhale confidence in my thoughts.
As I exhale your breath,
May I exhale confidence in my voice.


A National “Stop Bullying Day” Prayer


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Holy Creator of Loving-Kindness,

In this moment, we know the mouths of people are tearing up the hearts of your children.
In this hour, our siblings are crying tears from the hate setting this world on fire.
Words melt hope.
Words erase progress and possibilities.
And as our friends are working to pick themselves up again, more venomous sentiments inflame their weary souls.

In this moment, may we work to build up the hearts of your children.
In this hour, may we dry the tears and build joy as we calm the flames of hate.
May we build hope in the hearts of our neighbors.
May possibilities and progress appear in the visions and dreams of our loved ones again.

For our souls are too weary to worry about what will come next.

God of love, can you awaken us to the ways we enable hate?
God of grace, can you fill us with ways that we can extend your mercy?
God of hope, can you build a healthy power in each one of us-
A power where we walk away from words, and fists, and systems of destruction?

May your loving-kindness surround us like a refreshing stream,
Cooling us from hostilities and resentments,
And reviving us for the road ahead.


Wednesday Prayer: A Prayer for Energy


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Holy Winds of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow-

We stop on this island in the middle of this week’s seas, reflecting on the days behind us. As we turn around to head forward, we sit, wondering where this energy is – the power to complete this week with love, grace, and enthusiasm.

For all we want to do is nap on the island in the middle of this week’s seas. Such physical and mental exhaustion wipes us. Do we have enough vigor to make it to tomorrow’s land? Will we have enough stamina to work until the tasks can be completed?

We know all strength originates with you, Divine Stamina. Through your energy, we find our energy.

As we move ahead, may your Holy Air around us carry us from task to task, taking the weight off of our hearts and heads and feet. May the warm breezes comfort us when the road seems long.

And may we see you clearly in each movement in the journey.


A Coffee Day Prayer


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Bright God of the Dawn,

For the first awakened breath we take for this day, we celebrate with you. We pull ourselves out of our slumbers to see where our adventures with you will go.

But first, coffee.

We give much gratitude for the beans that you have produced to give us an elixir of awakeness.

For the smooth (or bitter) tastes that cross our taste buds, we give you gratitude. For the many ways that we can enjoy the fruit of your creation, we give you thanks. For the second and third winds these beverages bring our way, we share our appreciation with you, Holy One.

With our mugs and recycle-able paper cups, we toast our ritual of dawn with you, God of alertness and light.


A Prayer on the Birth of Autumn


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Holy God, Divine Crisp Breeze of Love,

As the sun breaks the horizon on this new season,
Birthing the reds, and oranges, and browns of foliage,
We bask in your Holy Glow.

Fill us with the joy of coziness that comes with throws and cocoas,
With warm mugs and vanilla-scented candles,
And with cheerful friendships and invigorating conversations.

May the crunchiness of leaves below our feet
Fill us with your peace that accompanies endings,
The hope of new life beyond the equinox,
And the illumination that will burst again beyond shadows.

May we know that even in the shortened days,
Your light extends beyond each premature sunset.


What Is the Church? A Liturgy


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Call to Worship
One: Whether we are rich, middle class or barely getting by-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: Whether we have plenty or in want-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: Whether we are employed, unemployed or retired-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: Whether we give of time, talent or treasure-
Many: We are Christ’s church.
One: In a spirit of unity, caring for one another-
Many: We are Christ’s church.

Eager and Empowering God, we come to you this morning to reflect our view on what it means to be Christ’s Church. We enter this sanctuary to examine the ways we can create sanctuary for all.  May we see one another through your eyes.  May we see your living presence in our gathering together.  Allow this time not only to be one where we worship you but one where you open us up to new ways of serving. Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation and Reflection
Holy God, Holy Connector, 

Through your Spirit, we find your abundant love.  Through your Church, we recognize the gifts of ourselves and others.  Yet sometimes we want to focus on the weaknesses of our neighbors instead of acknowledging their strengths.  Our relationships crumble when we lack mercy.  Inspire us to encourage our neighbors.  Remind us that our voices of confidence assist our neighbors along their journey, and when one of us is stronger, the Church is stronger.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace
Our Grace-filled God, the One who dwells with us on this journey, is filling our hearts with mercy and our minds with wisdom.  We are called to focus on the grace of our journeys which will strengthen the bonds between us, God, and our neighbors.  Amen.

Reflection on Giving
The Holy Spirit prompts us to be the Church as we move about the earth.  At times, we share our talents, filling the world with our songs and art.  Other moments, we share our time, sitting with a neighbor hurting or using our hands to strengthen our building.  And then there are times when we contribute the gifts of treasures, giving financial offerings for the good of our local church and the entirety of Christ’s Church.  However you give this week, may we grow with God and neighbor.

Blessing of the Gifts
Holy Spirit, Divine Winds of the Church, you gather us together, breathing new life into our souls.  You gather us together, filling our hearts with inspiration and creativity.  You gather us together, focusing our minds on how we can care for one another.  May each of our gifts build the Body of Christ, this congregation, and our community.  Amen.

May the winds of the Spirit carry us to new possibilities, even in the face of anxiety.
May the dust on Christ’s path strengthen our courage when the road seems rough.
May the waters of our God renew us in our times of exhaustion.
Let us Co-Create with one another and God to build the Church of Love here on earth.  Amen.

(c) 2022 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Permission to use and stream with attribution.

Who Is the Holy Spirit? A Liturgy


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Call to Worship
One: Holy Breath, fill our beings with new energy.
Many: Holy Breath, fill our lungs with calming air.
One: Holy Winds, encircle us with your stirring breezes.
Many: Holy Winds, encircle our minds with dreams and visions.
One: Holy Gales, set us on a path of strangeness and surprises.
Many: Holy Gales, fill our souls with courage and our hearts with joy.

Spirit of God, Divine Gust,

The mystery of your being swirls around us as you inspire us to co-create with you.  As we reach to God, your great exhale nudges us closer to our Divine Parent.  As we seek to share our stories, you place the images and words into our minds.  Through your presence and power, we are inspired to joyously share the adventures of our faith with and in you.  Holy Gale of God, encircle us with your realm here on earth.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation and Reflection
Spirit of Warmth and Wonder,

The chills of this world paralyze our anxious hearts.  We become stagnant when listening to the discord from other voices instead of listening to your harmonies.  We shun your visions and dreams because we stop believing the future is possible.  We feel as if all life is being drained from us, that we are simply dry bones.  May your winds awaken us.  May your breath enliven us.  May we see new life as we inhale your breath.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace
Our God, the flicker of new life in our world, ignites our hearts to share love with our neighbors.  God’s Spirit will help us to understand Divine Grace in our lives, understanding that second chances and hope are the path to unimagined possibilities.  Amen.

Invitation to Giving
The Spirit’s winds are always nudging us to new ways of giving.  Could this be through our time?  Could the Spirit be emboldening us to give from different talents?  In what ways are we called to give of our treasures today?  As we reflect on the ways we share, we come together to offer God our praise through our gifts.

Blessing of the Gifts
This is the time for us to dream together, Spirit of God.  May we run wild with hope as we embrace our Spirit-infused imaginations.  With joy, we celebrate the offerings contributed this week, this month, and this year as we commit to dream with you, Holy Spirit.  Amen.

May Spirit’s flame warm our chilled hearts.
May the Spirit’s winds encircle our anxious minds.
May the Spirit’s breath enliven our souls.
Through the Spirit’s presence, we embrace the love of God and the hand of neighbor as we dream together.  Amen.

(c) 2022 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Permission to use and stream with attribution.

Who Is Jesus? A Liturgy


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Call to Worship (Based on John 1)
One: In the beginning was the Word.
Many: The Word was with God and the Word was God.
One: The Word abided in the beginning with God.
Many: Through the Word, all things came into being.
One: Life and light came into being with the Word.
Many: This Life and Light shone in the shadows.
One: In celebrating the Word, the Christ, we see the Divine Light.
Many: Let us celebrate the Word, the Christ, as we bask in Divine Light.

Illuminating God, Divine Light who entered our world as a human, we celebrate your son, Jesus the Christ.  Through his nurturing presence, our neighbors have seen you clearer. Through Jesus’ radical love, we have learned to boldly care for one another.  Through his death and resurrection, we have seen new life ahead of us.  Stretch our souls as we challenge ourselves to be like Jesus each day.  Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation and Reflection
Holy God, Harmonizing Healer,

We say we embrace the walk of Jesus, but we trek another way.  We say we live in a world of resurrection, but we shun the possibility of new life.  We close ourselves from the grace that Christ afforded us, and we refuse to share mercy with our neighbors.  Allow the way of Jesus the Christ to be our way.  Create in us the compassion of the Christ as we go about our daily lives.  Amen.

The Great Healer, Jesus the Christ, fills our hearts with hope and love.  May we celebrate Divine Grace on our messy and magnificent journeys, knowing that, through the love, life, and light of Jesus, we see the blessings of God’s mercy.

Reflection on Giving
Like a flame spreading from one candle to the next, we, too, are encouraged to share the Light of Christ with our neighbors and church. Through our gifts of treasures, talents, and time, we follow the footsteps of Jesus the Christ.  May the Light of Christ be experienced by all through the gifts we give throughout this week.

Blessing of the Gifts
Gracious God, Divine Light of the World, with these offerings, may our neighbors experience your love.  With these gifts, may the world know your love and continue to pass your brilliant hope to all.  Amen.

May the Road of Christ welcome your authentic beings.
May the Light of Christ illuminate your journeys.
May the Energy of Christ soothe your pensive minds.
May the Grace of Christ connect you greater with a neighbor.
May the Words of Christ invigorate your hearts.
May the Love of Christ send you into the world to spread Divine Kindness from corner to corner of this world.  Amen.

(c) 2022 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Permission to use and stream with attribution.