Eternal Resilience: A Prayer Remembering the Armenian Genocide of 1915


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This was originally posted on my blog in 2015.

Soothing Spirit,
Whose gentle winds hovered over the Euphrates,
Surround our souls with support in these days of remembrance.

Strengthen our resolve to never let anyone forget
The atrocities of April 24 and beyond –
The genocide of the Armenian People.

They wanted to kill all of the aunts and uncles and grandparents
And place the very last one in a museum to show their sordid victory.

But they did not win.
Hate was not victorious.

We remember the spirits of our ancestors,
Of our sisters and brothers in Christ,
Marching through the mayhem
Of death, confusion, loss.
We remember their steps on the march to Deir-Zor-
Their empty stomachs and heavy hearts.
Their lives chipped away
As they lost their mom, or baby, or brother,
and endured violations of body, mind and soul.

In gratitude, we remember those who defied their people,
The Turkish and Kurdish souls who rebelled against the powers-that-be
Saving the lives of our kin.
We are grateful for those who stand against the powers today
And refuse to call these events anything but a genocide.

Heal our hearts as the deniers’ speeches become
Louder and louder.
Their words will melt into the pool of justice one day.

We give voice to the trauma that lingered in survivors’ hearts
From the days they left their homes in the ‘Old Country’
To the moment when they saw the face of God.

Help all who carry the stories of the past into the future
So that we will not forget,
And we will not stand by,
As more of God’s children are massacred.

We pray for the survivors of all genocides that burned our earth
And stole our siblings-
Armenia, the Holocaust, Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia, Darfur, and then some…
And then some more…
Knowing that God will give them resurrection from the ashes of yesterday,
rising into the winds of tomorrow.

Read my grandfather’s story of survival during the Armenian Genocide here


National Take a Chance Day Prayer


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Chaotic, Creative God-

The winds of change hover over your creation, nudging us towards a new heaven here on earth.

As the dry winds from the south pick up, causing us to remain inside our comfort zones, your Spirit is throwing open doors and windows, begging us to move back into the world.

In a vulnerable state, we slowly emerge into ferocious terrain- an atmosphere which wants to remain at rest and at unrest.

But here you are, God, asking us to take chances, asking us to speak boldly, love courageously, and care fiercely.

Today, we ask for prayers of strength to advocate for our neighbors on the margins. We pray for bravery as we allow mercy to emerge from our traumatized, closed-up souls.

We are willing to heed your call and take chances that build a more-caring world and share love which unites us and magnifies your image in one another.


One Good Friday


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Trigger warning: abuse


The writing below occurred on a Good Friday over 20 years ago. I was verbally abused by a significant other during my mid-20’s. While he never physically abused me, I believe I would have left as soon as hits and shoves began. Instead, I wondered for months if what I was experiencing was verbal and emotional abuse, often convincing myself otherwise and telling myself that it would get better.


From the rolling tears creeping down my cheeks
And the short breaths attempting to fill my lungs with air,
I inhale your disgust,
The grit spilling from your voice
Tastes like clouds of dust escaping from bottoms of sandals.

Our dinner the night before was a beautiful memory-
A time of quiet celebration…
But oh how the tone has changed quickly.

Even when my prayers begged for you not to betray me again, you walk back in.
Your hate-filled, dagger-edged sentiments
Came back to the room.
You weren’t finished.

Hit me, I think to myself.
I can finally come down off of the cross to which you nailed my spirit
And I can flee towards the lands of plenty
Where the God of hope and love has promised me
Milk, honey, vines drooping with grapes and nets overflowing with fish.

Hit me, I say to myself. I want to know where you stand
Instead of you driving the crown of thorns upon my sore spirit-
And removing it.  Then placing it and removing it
And again
And again.

Your repeated accusations and condemnations pick apart my heart.

You might as well smack my face or whip me across the back
Or pierce my side with the dagger you kept in your bag
Because I cannot tell if I’ve done something wrong
Or if you’re thriving from my pain
And stirring
Stirring the energy around us to kill the dreams leading me forward.

Your ‘love’ dizzies me
Like a ride on a chariot.
Your ‘love’ lifts me
Like a soldier lifting the Christ’s cross.
Your ‘love’ pierces me
Like nails driven into a body.
Such ecstasy is too much for my soul.
You’ve taken my breath – my will to breathe – away.


I’m ready for my empty tomb and riding on clouds
Because my night in spiritual Sheol has captured all of my tears.

I will no longer allow you to cast your die upon my mind.
And I will shed your sins that you have showered upon my soul.


As we wake for the new day
And you wash your hands of last night’s agony,
I barely feel human.

It’s Saturday.
We say goodbye.
The next time we meet face-to-face,
I’ve left the tomb.


A Prayer for Firefighters


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Spirit of Healing Winds-

Fires take hold of mountainsides and homes.  Dry weather and electrical mishaps cause tragic infernos.

As the flames heighten and grasp our lands, our firefighters rush to the incidents.  Their courage drives them to risk their well-being for the health and lives of others.

For their strength and determination, we share our gratitude.

We pray for first responders who are facing trauma years after an incident.  We remember that many of our firefighters who worked to rescue survivors and recover victims of September 11, 2001 have fallen ill and struggling to hold onto their lives.  May their peace and health prosper, and may they see a future with hope.

We pray for the many chaplains walking alongside of our firefighters.  May they bring your comfort to our first responders with wounds from the skin to the soul.

May your winds be kind to the raging flames.  May your water soothe the fires that rage.  May your land heal in the seasons that follow a wildfire’s frenzy.

And may those who stand against each fire feel the strength of your presence in their confrontation with nature’s elements.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careers. The list was determined by St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL.

A Prayer for Farmers


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Holy Sower, Holy Harvester-

For the ones who till the ground, we celebrate.

For their early hours and long days, for their weathered hands which plow and pluck, for their strategic minds which plans out lands- – we laud their exceptional efforts.

Bless their hours as they intensely labor in the fields. Bless their land as the seeds burst forth from the soil. Bless the roots as they embed within the dirt. Bless the clouds which bring forth rain, and bless the sun which dances upon the leaves of trees our farmers have planted.

May our farmers, landscapers, and all who work in gardens find time to rest. May their sabbaths be filled with moments of sleep and joy.

We thank you for their endeavors in co-creating with you: the fruits and grains, the vegetables and beans, and the trees which shade our grounds.


A Prayer for Electricians


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Holy Spirit who infused our every step with energy-

With gratitude we celebrate our electricians. In the sharing of their gifts hospitals have access to CT scans, homes have access to heat, churches have access to organ music, and teenagers can recharge their phones!

As they cut and reconnect wires, keep them safe from unruly currents. In their crawling and climbing, allow their movement to be incident free.

May they see the value of their vocation. May we verbally share our appreciation of their trade. And may we never take for granted the gift of power wherever we are.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careers. The list was determined by St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL.

A Prayer for Doctors, Nurses, and All Medical Professionals


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Holy Winds of Healing-

As you encircle us with your love, surround us with healing energies. Your voice perpetually calls our bodies, our minds, our souls to wellness and wholeness.

For the doctors who examine us, diagnose us, and treat us, we give much gratitude. Gift them with clear minds and overflowing wisdom. May they embrace the continuous unfolding of medical knowledge. May surgeons hands be steady, and may they look towards your healing spirit as they listen for you calling.

For the nurses who journey with us as we continue the healing process, we speak our thanks. May they find fulfillment in their vocations. Point them to your presence as they work towards the health of their patients.

We ask for blessings upon all of those who work in doctor’s offices, on surgical floors, and in hospital rooms. Help them experience patience in their trying moments, and may they see the positive impact they make.

May all medical professionals speak words of love and embrace grace as they work to bring your healing to an injured world.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careers. The list was determined by St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL.

A Prayer for Designers


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artwork-composition-creating-1368688 (1)

Divine Designer-

Through scientific principles, you created the universe.  Even though science was your joyful process of our universe’s genesis, you also desired to take creation a step further.  Because of your love of humanity, you infused flare into our world.  Because you understood our deep love of art, you added blooming trees in Spring and Autumn’s foliage.

And you gifted our world with us designers to co-create with you.

Through the work of their minds, they gave us creative furniture, innovative room designs, inventive fonts, crisp graphics, and fresh wearable fashions.  Through the work of their hands, they grasped the sheen of their dreams and transformed their visions into tangible blessings.

Thank you for your Spirit who inspires all of our designers.  Through their craft, we see your presence.  Through their creations, we abide in a world filled with all sorts of art.

Continue to inspire them with new ideas so that our evolving world will see your beauty on this earth.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careersThe list was determined by St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL.

A Prayer for Dentists


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God of the Smiles and Smirks-

For our dentists and dental hygienists, we share our gratitude. Through their encouragement of better hygiene health, we become stronger people.

Bless them with patience as so many of us hold much anxiety of drills and needles. May they show much peace when our nerves flare. May their hands be steady as they hold delicate tools which care for our teeth and gums. Through their knowledge, we find dental wellness.

Bless their learning through continuing education. Bless all who work in their office, and bless their leadership of their staff.


A Prayer for Construction Workers and Contractors


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Divine Builder-

As we look at our homes, workplaces, and places of worship, we give gratitude for the ones who have placed brick upon brick.  Engineers, architects, designers, and project managers brought forth dreams on paper.  Construction workers and contractors work to make these visions into reality.

From crafting the frame of our buildings to plastering walls, their weathered hands and perspired foreheads show their dedication to their profession.  Through their expertise, structures stand on solid foundation.  Through their experience, roofs protect from nature’s wrath.

With gratefulness, we celebrate their calling.

Keep them safe as they continue to build towards the sky.  May they feel your peace as their work reaches for the clouds.



This is part of a series of Lenten daily prayers for various careersThe list was determined by St. Paul UCC, Belleville, IL.