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Holy Deliverer of Downtime,

As the evening takes its place within the skies,
And the winds cool after the sun sleeps for the night,
May I find my rest.

The day has been long.
I often wonder, Holy One,
Why I no longer have the mental energy
To create profound writings
Or even clean the kitchen.

My energy comes from you, God.
But maybe you’re telling me to rest.

So, I pray what is closest to my mind and heart.
The words fail to be painted in a multitude of colors-
Instead appearing in neutrals and grays.

Thank you for this day.
Forgive me for the ways I fell short,
And may I know your grace.
Bless this evening.
Bless the ones I love.
Comfort the hurting.
Bring peace to the ones who struggle.
May each of us know your love and light.
May I rest well tonight.
And may I rise tomorrow feeling your strength.