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God of Yesterday, Holy Hope for the Future,

Running through my head throughout today is a moment from years ago.
I was young with friends I had left in the past.
The laughter was loud and our smiles were widening across our faces.

As a song from yesterday lifts my spirits-
It’s reached into my soul in a way that I just can’t explain.
But it’s transported my mind back to being a young one again.

These are the moments that are worth more than gold.
But I can’t abide in yesterday-
Otherwise I’m gonna turn into a pillar of salt.

Today I thank you for the flashes from yesteryear,
For the joys of nostalgia, and the stories which I carry.

Help me to savor the joy of memories but to leave them in the past.
Give me the drive to live fully into today’s realm
And to dream about a future with hope.