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Holy Creator of Loving-Kindness,

In this moment, we know the mouths of people are tearing up the hearts of your children.
In this hour, our siblings are crying tears from the hate setting this world on fire.
Words melt hope.
Words erase progress and possibilities.
And as our friends are working to pick themselves up again, more venomous sentiments inflame their weary souls.

In this moment, may we work to build up the hearts of your children.
In this hour, may we dry the tears and build joy as we calm the flames of hate.
May we build hope in the hearts of our neighbors.
May possibilities and progress appear in the visions and dreams of our loved ones again.

For our souls are too weary to worry about what will come next.

God of love, can you awaken us to the ways we enable hate?
God of grace, can you fill us with ways that we can extend your mercy?
God of hope, can you build a healthy power in each one of us-
A power where we walk away from words, and fists, and systems of destruction?

May your loving-kindness surround us like a refreshing stream,
Cooling us from hostilities and resentments,
And reviving us for the road ahead.