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Still-Speaking God-

You sow new seeds in our world, and call us to harvest them when the time is right. You fill our world with new melodies, and ask us to sing them to change the air around us. You call us to use new wineskins for our wine. You ask us to try new delicacies, travel to new lands, and listen to the stories of our new neighbors. Let us embrace the Spirit of newness surrounding us, listening to your transforming call in our lives. Amen.

One: Loving God, Divine Chef-
We cling to the usual menu of life.  We order the same food. We invite the same people. Yet what if you are calling us to order new cuisine and dine with a new group?  
All: Transform our minds to the adventure of newness.  May the meal and the conversations we share open our hearts to new tastes, textures, and experiences.  Amen.

One: God serves us grace as we reflect on our past errors and hurtful actions.  God sets us on a new path filled with mercy and wisdom.  Let us rejoice as we embrace fresh beginnings!  Amen!

May we embrace the flavor of newness in the meals we eat this week. May the aroma of the unfamiliar draw us into new adventures. May the stories of strangers open our minds to new paths. And as the foreign becomes familiar, may the Spirit of God draw us into transforming this world with our new understandings. Amen.

(c) Rev. Michelle L. Torigian. Permission to use with attribution.