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Divine Ocean of Love,
As we peer into the horizon of the unknown
And dreams dwindle,
May your source of peace connect us with you.
Allow us to soak in rays of hope as we seek your presence in tumultuous times.
Focus our hearts on our neighbors-
The ones like us and the ones very different,
The ones who love us and those who despise us.
For when we remember the great connection between you and our neighbors, loving God,
We will thrive. All of us together will endure trials triumphantly.
And we will feel less alone as we walk through patches of shadows.

Blessing on Gifts
Through the Great Commandment, we seek ways to share love more boldly.
Through the Great Commandment, we listen more intently to our Divine Source of Love.
We ask our God of Love to bless our giving-
From the money we share to the time we spend caring.
Through our gifts, may our neighbors experience your presence surrounding them.

Boldly we face the world.
Yet we know that we are not alone.
The God of Love walks before us,
The Spirit of Hope walks behind us,
The Christ our Neighbor walks next to us,
Encouraging us to share Divine love with one another.

(c) Rev. Michelle L. Torigian – permission to use with attribution