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CALL TO WORSHIP  (Inspired by Psalm 8)
One: God, how majestic is your name throughout this earth!
Many: From the farthest reaches of the planet to the spaces immediately in front of us.
One: Whether we call you Mother or Father, Companion or Lord-
Many: How majestic is your name throughout this earth!
One: Whether we see you as Spirit or Savior, Creator or Comforter-
Many: Your name is majestic throughout this earth!
One: How many ways there are to know you!  How many ways to call you!
Many: How majestic is your Spirit throughout this earth!

Divine Whirl who moves about as three-in-one: we can’t fully comprehend your complete greatness. Our minds spin as we attempt to thoroughly understand the concept of Trinity, of how you work as Creator God, Christ, and Holy Spirit.  Although our minds are finite, we still look towards you in our growing understanding of how you work, God. Inspire us in your movement so that we whirl in your love. Amen.

One: Spinning, Whirling God, you pirouette as the Creator, Christ, and Holy Ghost.  The three images dance in unison. Unfortunately, with our limited minds, we can only see you in one form.  We then curb ourselves to how we experience you. We call you by only a few of your names. We limit our songs.  We are drawn by few prayers. We make spiritual growth as easy on ourselves as possible.

All: Break down the confines in which we place you.  Encourage us to move beyond our comfort zones. Help us to know you from a variety of angles, and nudge us to listen to others’ stories of you.  May our spirits of understanding grow as we see you from different perspectives. Amen.

One: God knows that stepping outside of our comfort zones and seeing the world from different views is difficult on us.  When we stay in safe spiritual spaces, God still loves us. The God who dances in our world will continue to call us new spaces, sharing grace with us in our moments of hesitation.  Amen!

All: Amen!

One: The Spirit is calling us to use our time.  The Christ is beckoning us to use our talents. God is desiring us to use our treasures to construct God’s kin-dom.  Let us celebrate all of creation and each of the ways God appears to us as we share in this time of offering.

How majestic is the name of the Christ – the one who asks us to love through our gifts.  How majestic is the name of the Holy Spirit – the one who energizes us to share our time and talents.  How majestic is the name of our God – our source of blessings. May we use our gifts as a way to strengthen our world and build the kin-dom of God.  Amen.

One: The Divine is spinning, whirling around you.
Taste the sweetness from their fruits.
Feel the winds from her movement.
Hear the joy from his song.
Through the Holy Spirit, may we go forth in strength.
Through the Christ, may we go forth in love.
Through God, may we go forth in peace.
Three-in-one.  One-in-three.
Moving to bring forth love, justice, and mercy in our world.