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Call to Worship
One: Whether we live near mountains or in the plains-
Many: We are one in Christ.
One: Whether our winters are balmy or our summers are cool-
Many: We are one in Christ.
One: Whether we live on the East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in the middle-
Many: We are one in Christ.
One: Whether we live in urban dwellings, nestled in the suburbs or surrounded by a rural landscape-
Many: We are one in Christ.

One: In a spirit of unity, caring for one another-
Many: We are one in Christ.
God of Creation, Divine Painter of Countrysides, we stand in awe of your handiwork.  From the bold geysers out West to rich red deserts of the south, your work creates a sense of wonder within each of us.  From the delicate snows of the north to the playful autumn foliage out east, your designs enliven us.  As we celebrate your creation today, we remember all of the times we experienced your presence in nature. We rejoice knowing that your hands made this spectacular earth and everything within it. Amen.

Prayer of Reconciliation
One: Sometimes, we forget that this earth is completely yours.  Sometimes, we neglect to remember that these lands were made by you for all humans.  Sometimes, we think we know better and believe we are entitled without remembering whose hands made this creation.
Many: For the times we neglected to remember you when rejoicing at creation-
For the times we neglected to care for creation when given the opportunities-
For the times we neglected to remember that you formed each human in your own image-
Forgive us God.  Help us to remember whose hands made the soil, the foliage, the birds, the snakes and each and every person on this planet.  Amen.

Assurance of Grace
One:   The cascades of God’s grace falls upon us always.  We stand in the flow of God’s mercy no matter where we abide.  May we rejoice that this grace pours upon us.

Scripture Readings: Genesis 1:1-31 & Psalm 65

Invitation to Offering
One:    We are always connected to all of creation.   Through the call of God’s Spirit, we are asked to care for the work of God’s hands.  We care for this work through our time, talent and treasures.  Let us offer our treasures in this time and space.

Prayer of Dedication
Through our financial treasures we can Be the Church.  Through these gifts we can care for your entire creation.  May your wisdom carry us as we use these gifts to strengthen your kin-dom.  May the winds of your Spirit propel us to use our gifts of time and talent to build a heaven-like earth.  Amen.

One:   As we look upon each tree, each flower, each bird, each bee and each human, let us see our God reflected in creation.  As we look upon God’s world, let us share the love of Christ.  And as we love one another, may your Spirit give us the strength we need to care for each and every piece of creation.
All:     Amen.


Worship service Be the Church: Protect the Environment written by Rev. Michelle L. Torigian

(c) 2016 Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.  Free to use with attribution.