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Primary text: 1 Corinthians 13

One: In this place, we seek the presence of God.
Many: In this space, we yearn to discover companionship from the Divine.
One: In our lives, we cast our hopes upon an all-loving God
Many: Knowing that our Creator dreams with us.
One: Throughout each season, our Divine Partner of Endurance sustains us
Many: Giving us the strength, the patience, and the desire to live into our callings.

One: Spirit of Love, as you hover above us, dance below us, encircle us, and energize us, our souls find transformation.  No longer do we believe that we are on our own; we belong to you. We are not without companions; we have the love of neighbor sustaining us.

All: In this season of hearts and flowers, open us to new ways of showering love in our world.  With gratitude, we celebrate the love of our neighbors when we hurt. With thanksgiving, we celebrate your steadfast love.  Allow us to share this love and light with all who ache and all who are lonely. Amen.

One: We often refuse to read the world through your Divine Lens, God.  We prefer to find a complete picture of the world through our own scratched, muddied monocle instead of your loving glasses.  When we choose our own angles of people, we act out of a partial picture. We refuse to embrace God’s detailed depiction of the world and God’s people.

All: We prefer to gaze at your people through the lens of our preconceived notions instead of the spotless spectacles of God offers to us.  However we see the world, may we attempt to see others’ lives through the perspective of God. May God’s steadfast love transform our hearts and reawaken our souls.  Amen.


One: Our Divine Partner of Endurance weathers the storms with us and warms our hearts made bitter by hatred.  Let us celebrate that God is always traveling with us, sharing grace and love along the way. Amen!

All: Amen!  Thanks be to God!

Liturgy may be used with attribution to Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.