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One: Here at this table and in this sanctuary, let the Divine Spark enter our lives.
Many: Let the Holy Light aid us in seeing the Christ in our midst.
One: The Brightness of Jesus the Christ will illuminate our way.
Many: The Radiance of the Christ will warm our hearts.

One: God is shining upon you!
Many: And God’s light streams upon you!
One: Open your hearts.
Many: We open them to the brilliance of God.
One: Let us give thanks for the light and love of God.
Many: We praise our Creator with joy and thanksgiving.


One: We enter this stunning space eager to experience the presence of the Christ.  Notice the Christ in the cries of the children. Spot the Christ your neighbor’s singing.  Recognize the Christ in the laughter from the back of the sanctuary. The Christ is gleaming here, summoning us to share love and light as we greet our neighbors, share peace, pass the bread and cup, and love kindness across this earth.

On the night before Jesus died, when some were plotting to extinguish the Holy Light, warmth was shared between friends.  Jesus took bread. In his blessing, he passed the Divine Glow to his followers. As he broke the bread, he reminded them to eat in remembrance of him.

Later that same evening, Jesus took the cup.  He blessed it and invited his friends to taste from the cup of grace.  “Do this, as often as you drink of this, for the remembrance of me.”’

Holy Spirit, may your Divine Glow bless this bread and cup.  Warm our hearts made cold by a chilled world. May this meal inspire us to carry your warmth into our world.  Amen.

Distribution of the Elements

Prayer of Thanksgiving
God of Light and Love, we cherish this table in this season when the nights are long and cold.  Through this meal, the Christ, and our neighbors, our hearts have warmed. May the comfort in our souls sustain us through winter and nudge us to create welcoming spaces for our neighbors.  With gratitude, we leave here energized to kindle your love in this world. Amen.

Please feel free to use this service of communion with attribution to Rev. Michelle L. Torigian.