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accomplishment-ceremony-college-267885God of sunrises, new years and next chapters,
In this season of closing doors and cleaning out lockers and saying goodbye
May we remember that commencement means beginning.

May these brilliant souls remember their place on the Great Vine-
That you call them to spaces where they can strengthen the world
And love their neighbors as themselves.
May they embrace opportunities to inhale knowledge
And may they feast on wisdom.

May they know their place here at the Table of Christ
Remains open for them to dine with us again.

May grace abound in these next chapters-
Whether in classrooms or workplaces or on pilgrimages to find their callings.
When failing or falling occurs on their road,
May they know the joy of rising again.

No matter where they journey or how far they travel.
May they see your light leading their journey,
Your comfort to give them peace when traveling gets tough,
And love to sustain them in the frigid winters and blazing summers.