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Phone Sept 2014 4016I want time to slow down.

Another week, another reminder that time stops for no one.  The clock continues to tick in a clockwise movement into the future.

I sleep, and time progresses.  I pause for a moment in a garden or park under the Eden-like 72 degree realm, and the minutes move forward.

I watch those around me and their minds and bodies and souls begin to dilute into a watered-down version of their younger selves.  I stare into the mirror and notice a new mark, a new wrinkle, a new gray hair has adorned my aging body.

Some days, I just need to pause – to let this reality catch up to my heart.  But life does not come with a snooze button.  When the alarms sound, it’s time to move.  When the clock displays six or seven or eight in the morning, it’s time to embrace reality no matter how much it hurts.

So in this snooze-free world, stop under the blossom trees.  Breathe in the aroma of the budding tulips.  Move about creation as if there isn’t enough time to embrace each acre of nature.

Know that life keeps moving forward but each wrinkle we embrace, each sun-filled afternoon we soak in, and each time we share love with another person becomes part of our eternal selves.