As the sun rises on this new school year, loving God,
We ask you for dawn’s bright energy to shine upon us.

May our focus be on serving those sitting in our classrooms,
In our library, our cafeteria, and each space in between.
May your understanding open our hearts to the needs of those surrounding us.

We ask for blessings on our calling as teachers,
On our colleagues, our administrators, each soul who serves around our school,
And every student.

Give us the wisdom to understand how we can lift those who struggle,
How we can correct in constructive ways,
And to know what to say in the most appropriate times and places.

Bless our families at home, our friends in the community. Give us mercy on the days when we are distracted by other parts of our lives and strength when our personal lives seem like they’re falling apart. Keep our bodies, minds, and souls strong and healthy.

May this school year be one where we grow in the way we love our neighbors, in the way we learn from others, and in the way we understand your presence in our midst. Amen.