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imageAs a perfectionist, there is nothing more difficult and terrifying as clicking the submit/publish/send button.

What if I wrote didn’t make sense?

What if they don’t like it?

What if I was wrong?

And the big one…

What if I made a mistake and can’t correct it?

Each day we send e-mails and wonder how responses will be after we click “send.”  When we haven’t heard back in a while, we wonder what must be happening.  When we publish a post we double check if there’s a terrible error or humiliating typo – even after publishing – because… well, we’re perfectionists.

After checking over important e-mails, posts, and documents over and over again, we finally click submit.  We must click submit or life would be unfulfilled and our work would never be complete.  God’s call would never have been answered.  We would be living in purgatory – knowing that life can’t go forward without clicking submit.

Our seminary papers and book proposals and e-mails about future happenings and blog posts would never happen if we didn’t eventually click submit.

So we jump into the cold water of the unknown, waiting for greatness or failure or some life-changing event to take place.  We wade in this frigid lake until some response happens, whether it is negative or positive.

And we hope that the Holy Spirit will take our words and shine whatever light is needed upon them and hope that positivity will endure.

A prayer when clicking the submit button:

Loving God of the future dreams and current realities,
As we click the “submit,” “send,” “publish,” and “click here” buttons, 
As we obsess over what happens when we make that final click,
We turn our filled minds to you.
After weeks of worry and reading the same words over and over,
Hoping everything is as perfect as possible,
We must let this go.

Allow us to release our work into the world.
May our efforts be fruitful,
Our futures filled with hope,
And may we sleep well until we hear the responses from our labors.

May the Holy Spirit light the way for our words and thoughts,
That what we’ve written will impact the world for the better
And we live into your call.  Amen.