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By National Park Service (National Park Service [1] [2]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

God of all citizens and residents and aliens and visitors,
The excitement pours out of the hearts of those who desire to make this home.
The nerves jump as they wonder what the future holds
And the time to interview gets closer and closer.

May rocky nerves be smooth as pebbles
And may their vocal chords vibrate coherent answers.

God, you walk with us on every path
From the northern border to the southern states
And on both sides of the equator.

You are everywhere.
You are here.

So on this path today-
As information is asked and given,
And tests are taken,
And worries are high,
And butterflies wrestle in tummies-
We know you are there drawing the very best out of us.

Whether we are citizens or visitors, aliens or residents,
Call us to serve our communities, nation and world
with integrity, passion and love.  Amen.

Dedicated to my mom on her citizenship interview today, July 10, 2014.