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Here I am at the United Church of Christ General Synod day 2. Exhaustion is already coming upon me, but I think much of it is due to time change. Or maybe it’s information overload. Anyway, I’m cherishing the time I have here as many, many of my friends are present.

What makes me sad is that I’m realizing I can do everything. I can’t be everywhere.

Times conflict. From wanting to go to two workshops during our 2030 event on Thursday to wondering which workshop I should go to this afternoon, I wish I could do more. Learning is one of the primary reasons I come to Synod. And I must choose which topics I am most passionate and in need of more information. Yesterday, I chose an intensive workshop on women’s equality issues. I would have loved to have gone to the workshop on taking care of our veterans, but for me, women’s issues are my number one passion. As a 2030 friend reminded a number of us the other day: “You can’t do everything at Synod.”

So I’m going to miss workshops that my friends are facilitating. And I’m going to miss workshops on fascinating topics. That’s life. I think the sooner we accept that we can’t be two places at once, the smoother life may go.

I remember a story in the Bible where Jesus was going to heal a young person when he was interrupted. When he got to the house, the young person had died. Likewise, when his friend Lazarus was ill he was working on other things. People weren’t exactly happy when Jesus came late, but he was human, and did the best he could.

Each of us at Synod will do the best we can connecting with friends, bringing new information to our churches and participating. We are giving 100 percent of the energy we have. We wish we could give more. But our bodies and brains are human. We pray that we remember that the spirit is always willing but the flesh is weak.