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Torigian… Torigian…

Well, of course I’m here!

I was the youth with semesters of perfect attendance and involved in MANY after-school activities.  I wouldn’t be the student wanting to take the day off to head to the Cardinals game, head to the Hill for lunch or traipse around the St. Louis Art Museum in an effort to skip history class.  In fact, opportunities for Sabbath seemed slim since I was involved in so many activities.

Now that I’m getting to the age where I could easily be a parent of a high school student, I have begun to look at Ferris Bueller as the slacker kid that decides to skip school one last day before high school graduation.  Could I be more judgmental and more wrong?

Maybe Ferris just needed the day off because he needed some “self-care”.  Would Jesus take a day off for some self-care?  Scripture shows that Jesus needed to get away from the enthusiastic crowds for some “chill” time.  He didn’t work every hour of every day.  Granted, we don’t see him riding on a float in a parade, but we do see him riding on a donkey in a parade…

If you were to stop and create a fun and relaxing day off, what would your true Sabbath look like?  Would you take a road trip to Chicago to catch a ballgame or ride a float in a parade?  Would you walk in a park, see a matinee or just go home to take a nap?

“Life moves pretty fast… If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Sabbath gives us each a chance to see the details of life.  When we stop to see the small moments, we see God much clearer.  Could Ferris experience the presence of God while singing to thousands in downtown Chicago?  Could Ferris experience God’s presence while staring at the works of art? Maybe “playing hookey” isn’t the most ethical way to spend time.   However, remembering to take time to rest, spend with friends, value our lives and look for God is needed.  When our work swallows any Sabbath and any chance to relax, it could be time to reevaluate our lives and our schedules.

While I’m only taking days off when I’m actually sick or scheduled a vacation, sometimes, it’s worth taking ten minutes, twenty minutes or an hour to take a walk, get a cup of coffee or drive through a park.  Maybe that super-short Sabbath will shine a stronger light on God’s presence.  Maybe we will refocus our minds to discern God’s call with more clarity.

Or maybe we will just cherish life a little more…  just like Ferris…