Recently, I’ve been watching Dance Moms.  I’m not exactly sure why…

With each episode comes climbing angst between the moms and the dance teacher, Miss Abby.  The children are pawns in this fight to be on top.  Miss Abby ranks them each week, pitting them against each other.  The children are incredibly stressed to stay afloat in this sea of performance perfectionism. 

Where is God in this show?  Well, sometimes it’s difficult to see the God of love being portrayed in such negativity.  But God is still there.  Each of these children have amazing gifts that they’ve shared with the world.  They are motivated to continue to develop the gifts.  No matter what abuse Miss Abby throws their way or what commotion is created by their moms, they still find the courage to continue with their dancing.

A note to Miss Abby: these children are made in God’s image.  When you tear someone down like you do, they are further and further robbed from seeing the presence of God within themselves.  They will grow to be adults who look into a mirror yet see only rubbish.