“Your future hasn’t been written yet.  No one’s has.  Your future is whatever you make it.  So make it a good one.”

Doc, Back to the Future III

Again I am reminded of Process Theology when watching Back to the Future.  There is no predestination – everything has not been set in God’s mind.  God is like the DeLorean, the only constant, travelling throughout time.  God is with the characters as they travel throughout the decades, making choices that impact the universe and future. 

Now, I’m not saying that the DeLorean is God.  Nothing is God except God.  But when constructing the theology of this movie, it seems as though that would be the place to start.  The energy which runs the DeLorean is the Holy Spirit.  Basically, the spirit changes throughout time – sometimes the DeLorean is run on lighting, sometimes plutonium, sometimes garbage, sometimes steam.  The context in which everything happens is valuable to the story.

Christologically speaking, Marty would be the obvious choice.  However, so would Doc.  It’s a team effort.

Ok, this may seem crazy to those who have not taken Constructive theology.  So basically, it’s like this: The DeLorean/time machine is the constant when travelling throughout the decades as God is the constant travelling with us throughout the decades.  The energy running the DeLorean is the Holy Spirit in this case which changes from decade to decade.  Again, it’s always a constant – just changing based on context.  The salvific characters are Marty and Doc.  It’s a group effort.  Both are needed to make changes to the future and past.

One more thing – just because the DeLorean is destroyed does not mean God is destroyed.  There are new time machines used in the past (the train).  There will be more in the present and future.  God, Holy Spirit and Christ are changing based on the context of the time period, but are constantly present in one way or form.